Excuse me , I am not a failure 1

When I was a child , I was very successful child in my educational class . However  my class was the worst class In the school , but I was a competitive student with the other classes' students . for example in English , I was the best in my class , but I was not as the very successful students who are from the other classes , but in Arabic , I was the best in all of our school's students.

Later , after the secondary school , I had applied for the university . The God made well with me and I joined the faculty of computers and information , and  in Egypt , this faculty is from the top faculties . This happened  from two years almost .

I didn't exceed the first educational year. I failed on ten materials from thirteen !!!  yes ten from thirteen !!!!!

The cause is not some stupid from me, no no no, I am an intelligent and clever student. This is the most clearest thing for me and for my teachers and the other students in the past years. so , what happened ?

I am not interesting in computers and information science, it's materials are not the same that I want to learn. May be because the first time to freely use computer was from less than two years, when my family bought to me this computer that I currently write from, before I would start the first term on my faculty.

I shared my feelings with my parents and brothers who selected this faculty to me , they laughed at me when I informed them that I want to join a faculty for literature of English or  Chinese !!!!!

In Egypt , most of people believe that if a student didn't join the following faculties ( medicine - engineering - computers and information - languages - economy and political sciences ) , this  student is not thing , he equals nothing , he equals zero. And these faculties are called the top faculties , and the others ( including the faculty of literature or any other faculty except the six faculties I had maintained before) are called the bottom faculties .

I love the languages and writing novels and short stories and astronomy and science fiction ( writing and movies ) . I was searching for scholarships about these fields by and in the internet , but I didn't find anything , so , if any one from you know about scholarships in these fields , please tell me . and be completely sure that I am not a failure .
Bye bye .

منتظر نتيجة نص السنة * وبنتيجة العمر مش مهتم
وكأن الدراسة اللى فيها أنا * أفضل بكتير ! دى حاجة تغم
بعمل بذاكر بفشل وبنجح * لكن لامبالى بالقيامة اللى هتقم
عطشان وف عطشى بدور على نجاح * ونسيت النجاح الأعظم الأهم
خايف ومستنى نتيجتى اللى هيا * نتيجة يومين مذاكرة عشتهم
وعندى دلوقتى 19 سنة * ومش منتظر من فدانى ع الأرض بالدم
أه يا ربى سامحنى لأنى * أخطأت قدامك ، تركتك وأهتممت بعلم
ومش عارف أنى ممكن دلوقتى * أنام ولا أصحى من ده النوم
أعرف برضه أن العلم مش مهم * حتى لو كنت أعلم القوم
سامحنى يا الهى ، النهاردة * عرفت نفسى أنى أصم
بسمع كلامك من ودانى * وأنسى أن أخلى القلب يضم
يمكن حبى ليك مش كفاية * وريحة ايمانى مش قادر أشم
لكن انت تقدر من العتمة تنتشلنى * لأن عطفك أحن من قلب الأم
سامحنى على خطاياى وجهلى بحبك * تعالى عيش فى قلبى يارب ودم

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